EWS Inc. is one of the only elevator waterproofing companies that can carry out repairs to elevator pits that are leaking without the dismantling of the elevator mechanisms or major disruptions, causing you less inconvenience, downtime and cost.


As our process is not blanketed, it will depend on the environment and condition of the elevator pit. We provide multiple solutions with proven techniques using the most advanced, environmentally friendly waterproofing products on the market today; from a variety of crystalline products, polyurethane grouts and flexible sealants. Our specifications frequently involve a combination of systems developed in partnership with our suppliers, manufacturers and engineers.



EWS Inc. provides comprehensive services as leak detection from our diagnostic team. Our experienced and qualified technicians will inspect the site using infrared scan photos, providing a more in-depth view of proposed repairs.


Sump pumps are another method of controlling water in elevator pits. EWS Inc. can install trenches, re-slope floors to channel the water to drains and sump pumps.


Applications of chemical resistant epoxy and protective coatings are additionally available. These coatings are applied by our fully trained and certified technicians.


Our team of technicians can perform this task on a set maintenance schedule or periodically as our customers require. Regular elevator pit cleaning is essential for the safety and efficiency of the elevator, our teams leave the pit in impeccable condition.


Service excellence is more than just service, it is how we think and act. It’s not just about fixing the issue or routine maintenance, but about prompt responses to all requests.

We provide a concrete etching product called concrete dissolve and etch. Environmentally friendly with no odour or smell that is used in highly sensitive areas such as hospitals and schools. Exclusive to EWS.

We provide a concrete etching product called Concrete Dissolve and Etch. Environmentally friendly with no odour or smell that is used in highly sensitive areas such as Hospitals and Schools. Exclusive to EWS.